Editing your Help Center profile Editing your Help Center profile

Editing your Help Center profile

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If you are an end-user, you can edit your Help Center profile from any Help Center page.

If you are an agent or a Guide admin, you can edit only your description here. Your name, avatar, phone number, alias, and email address and are set in your Support user profile (see Updating your user profile and password).

To edit your Help Center profile

  1. Click your profile icon on the upper-right side of any Help Center page, and then click My profile to display your profile.

  2. Click Edit profile.

  3. You can update any of these fields:
    • Name
    • Alias

      If you do not see this field, aliases have not been enabled for your Help Center. Your alias is used in place of your name when you create posts or comments. If you add, change, or remove an alias, all your historical posts and comments are updated too.

      Note: This is different than an agent alias (where agents use an alias when communicating with a ticket requester). If you need to set up an agent alias, see Adding an agent alias.
    • Profile photo
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Description

  4. Click OK.

    Your Help Center profile is updated.

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