Analyzing your knowledge base activity with Explore Analyzing your knowledge base activity with Explore

Analyzing your knowledge base activity with Explore

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Zendesk Explore features a pre-built dashboard named Knowledge Base that helps you understand how often your Help Center articles are being viewed, which articles are being voted up or down, and more. The dashboard can help you identify if customers are finding and viewing your articles, identify trends, and find out which articles receive the most votes.

You can edit and customize the Knowledge Base dashboard by cloning it (see Cloning Explore dashboards).

Tip: If you need something more complex, you can write your own reports using a wide range of metrics and attributes. For details, see Creating queries.
The information on the dashboard updates on the following schedule:
  • Explore Lite: Each day at midnight in the timezone of the account.
  • Explore Professional and Enterprise: One hour after the most recent update. The update time is randomized within the hour and in some cases might take up to two hours to complete.

In the following topics, you'll learn how to access the Knowledge Base dashboard and see the available reports:

Accessing the Knowledge Base dashboard

Use the following procedure to access the Knowledge Base dashboard.

To access the Knowledge Base dashboard

  1. In the Zendesk product tray, click the Explore icon ().
  2. From the list of dashboards, select the Zendesk Guide: Knowledge Base dashboard.

Understanding the Knowledge Base dashboard reports

The Knowledge Base dashboard shows information about article views, votes, locales, and more. You can filter the reports on the dashboard by TimeBrandChannelUser roleLanguageSection, and Author.

Knowledge Base dashboard headline metrics

This tab displays the following headline metrics (KPIs) for the time range you specify:

  • Total views: The total number of page views across all of your articles.
  • Articles viewed: The total number of articles that have been viewed. Translations of an article are counted as a separate article. However, you can use the Language filter to restrict the locales that are shown in this KPI.
  • Views per article: This shows the average number of page views for each article that was viewed.

Knowledge Base dashboard reports

This tab displays the following reports for the time range and data filters you specify:

  • Views by channel: Displays the number of page views received from each of your channels, for example, your help center or mobile SDK.

    This report can't be filtered by channel.

  • Views by user role: Displays the percentage of page views from each user role (like end user, staff member, or anonymous).

    This report can't be filtered by user role.

  • Views by date: Displays the daily number of page views over the time period you specify.

  • Knowledge base activity by article: Displays detailed information about all of your knowledge base articles.

    For each article, you can see the article brand, number of page views within the specified time range, and the number of votes as of today. Additionally, use the tabs to display page views and votes by the Author nameArticle translation languageArticle section title, or Article name.

    Use the Top/Bottom filter to restrict your results by Article views or Article votes.


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