Configuring Guide settings Configuring Guide settings

Configuring Guide settings

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You can manage your knowledge base configuration in Guide settings. You must be a Guide Manager to work with these features.

Accessing the Guide Settings page

Guide settings include options to manage your content, security, and integrations, and to deactivate your Help Center.

To configure your Guide settings

  1. In Guide, click the Settings () in the sidebar, then select Guide settings.
  2. Configure your settings. These are the sections that you can update:
  3. Click Update.

Managing your content settings

Use the content management section to manage and moderate your public content, control spam, and configure notifications.

To manage your content

You can enable or disable these content management options:

Working with security settings

Use the security section to manage content processing and sign in settings.

To work with security settings

You can enable or disable these security options:

Working with integrations settings

Use the integrations section to manage additional features that are available as Help Center add-ons.

To work with integrations

You can enable or disable these integration options:

Deactivating your Help Center setting

You can deactivate your Help Center, see deactivating your Help Center.

Enabling agents to manage requests in the Help Center customer portal

You can enable agents to submit requests and comment on them directly through the customer portal. This is a useful workflow in multi-brand/multi-department use cases.

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