Setting view permissions for the Help Center Setting view permissions for the Help Center

Setting view permissions for the Help Center

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You can define which of your Help Center users can have view access by setting the Help Center view permissions. The following options are available:

  • Signed-in users This includes internal and external users who create an account and sign in to your Help Center.

  • Agents and managers This option is for staff members only, so that you can create content that is internal-only.

  • Custom user segment This option enables you to restrict viewing access to specific users based on tags, organizations, or groups by applying custom user segments (see Creating user segments to restrict access).

To restrict Help Center visibility to a segment

  1. In Guide, click the Settings () icon in the sidebar.
  2. Under Security, select Require sign in.
  3. Under Require sign in, select Limit to user segment.

    By default, the visibility of the Help Center is set to Signed in users.

  4. Open the dropdown menu and select a User segment.
  5. Click Update.
View restrictions do not apply to Guide admins. Admins can access all of the Help Center content, regardless of the view permissions.
Note: You can restrict agents from viewing the Help Center. However, they will be able to create and edit articles in Guide.

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