How do I activate my Credit Card? How do I activate my Credit Card?

How do I activate my Credit Card?

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Great, your creditcard card arrived! But, before you can use it, you need to activate it in-app.

Before you can activate your Creditcard card, you need to make sure you’ve got the following in place:

  • An EEA issued Mastercard® or Visa debit or credit card in your own name, verified by either 3DS or microcharge, on your bank account.
  • A verified email address.
  • A verified phone number.

Once those are in place, you’ll be able to activate your Credit Card!

To activate your card, open the Creditcard app on iOS or Android and tap the “Account” tab in the navigation bar. Then select “Activate your Card” and enter the last four digits of your Creditcard Card number when prompted.

Investor cards & Samsung Pay +

If you’ve got an Investor or a Samsung Pay +, it's essential that you don't activate your Creditcard Card before you receive it as this would put you at risk of fraud. While there are no bank details on the card, if someone intercepts it in the mail, they could use the contactless functionality.

If you do this by mistake, please lock your card in-app by selecting the "Card" tab, then the "Lock Card" button.

Once you've received your Investor or Samsung Pay +, go to the “Card” tab in your app, where you’ll see an option to activate it. To do so, just tap the button in your app!

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