Your Creditcard spending limits Your Creditcard spending limits

Your Creditcard spending limits

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So we can ensure that your creditcard is being used responsibly, we have spending limits on all accounts.

When you join our bank, your standard creditcard spending limits are as follows:

Limits when you’re a new customer

Our risk engine is particularly sensitive when you're a new customer, as with any new bank account or credit card.

We recommend that you start with smaller transactions and build up your spend. You may find larger transactions are flagged by us so please do carry a backup card, particularly for important purchases.

What if your limits aren’t enough?

Your creditcard limits don’t stop with our standard limits; we monitor your account activity on an ongoing basis, protecting you whilst helping you spend with ease using your creditcard. We also regularly review your spending limits and adjust them accordingly.

To check what your current limits are, go to the app, tap the “Account” icon in the bottom left and choose "View Your creditcard Limits".  

If you have any questions about your limits, please get in touch with us through the form here and we’ll be happy to help!


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