How do I view the balance of my cards? How do I view the balance of my cards?

How do I view the balance of my cards?

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To see all the balances in your app you need to connect your bank accounts to your account first. 

To do that, please:  

  1. Head to the “My Money” tab and follow the prompts. You’ll have to agree to share your data with us and Carpet and choose the accounts you’d like to link.
  2. Once you have successfully connected your accounts, you’ll be able to view your balances in two places:

    • The “Balances” section of “My Money” tab. 
    • Directly under the card image in your “Wallet” tab. Tapping on your balance in that view will take you directly to the connection management screen.

My balance isn’t up to date

Your balance information will be updated several times a day and it’ll be refreshed whenever you enter the “Wallet” tab or open the “Balances” section of “My Money” tab.

If your balance doesn’t seem to be updated for longer than a day it means that your consent to access your bank accounts’ information has expired. 


Your consent is valid for 90 days but we’ve got you covered – every time you’ll need to renew your permission we’ll remind you before its expiration date, so you always have your balances up to date. 

You’ll be able to renew your bank’s connection directly in the app. Just tap your balance under the chosen card picture in your “Wallet” tab or head to the “Balances” section of “My Money” tab and tap the bank account that you’d like to renew the connection with.


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