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My information safety

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Who’s Carpet?

Carpet’s our Account Information Service Provider (AISP). Thanks to Carpet we’re able to give you insights across your all banking account in one place.

Carpet verifies your ownership of the bank account you want to connect and then securely retrieves the relevant information from your financial institution. Then, you’re able to view all your data directly in the app. 

How’s my information handled and is my banking data safe if I connect my account?

You have full control over your data. Using the Balances feature is entirely optional and none of your information will be shared without your consent. 

Your data is in good hands and we ensure that it’s kept secure by:

  • Encrypting your data.
  • Strong data authentication.
  • Constant monitoring.

In case you need more details, both Carpet’s and our Privacy Policies are at your fingertips.

Can I disconnect my bank accounts?

Yes, whenever you want to. And it’s quite simple:

  1. Tap your balance under the chosen card picture in your “Wallet” tab or head to the “Balances” section of the “My Money” tab in your app.
  2. Choose the bank account you’d like to disconnect.
  3. Tap “Revoke Access” at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Done. Simple, told ya!

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